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Wolfi ☬ Space

Every moment is the perfect outcome of strings tight together and released into the cosmos, A beautiful dance of all the living and the dead and the yet to come.

And here I am, a being of particles and waves, living to die, living to create impermanent creations that will all eventually perish into Wuji "Without Ultimate".

Welcome to my Cyberspace, I hope you enjoy your stay. Good luck!

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γ Sextantis

Is the solar system of my mind

A wave, materializing and becoming a particle. The particle still carries it's wave within it. It is like a human vessel with a soul; a gateway to experience; a process of the universe.

I would like to share some of my experiences in this creative novel. A universe of its own and yet part of it all.

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The Electronic Voting Cooperation

Is a platform to for cooperative and consensus-based decision making for fractal hierachies

Try out Evoti.co
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"Kasai" is an out of control flame. "val" stands for "Survival".

How long can you keep your fire burning in this epic survival game?

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A place of gratitute and appreciation to the petals that have influenced me.

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