I really like the beginning of a lot of games. A fresh start! Now you can try out new strategies, avoid previous mistake, make new mistakes and it’s just fun to explore the game again. Playing the same game for too long becomes boring, you know all the weaknesses of the game, you have a situation of power, you might have outsmarted the game, you might just know too much about the game - leaving no space to explore something new.

I see life similar to a game. You start the game with your birth and explore the world, understand the world until you get to a certain understanding of the world. After time goes by the world becomes less interesting, especially when you are stuck in certain routines. Every day becomes the same, and although you could take a radical shift in life - its just too much work. Death luckily gets us all, and its a wonderful escape from responsibilities, mistakes, and overall lack of life energy.

I would even go as far as saying that death is beautiful. You get to play the game again afterwards! A new gender, a new ethnicity, a new culture, a new start! You start again knowing nothing at first, explore your surroundings, go through certain traumas and excitement, life is fun again! The only way to keep a game fun every time is to play different scenarios, and loosing the memories of any previous game really spices things up! Who wouldn’t want to play an endless game with an infinite amount of endings?